Welcome to Mr. Hedlin's website for Basic French at Linden Christian School. Here you will find assignments, links, videos, and much more! Please click on your story above to see additional resources for that story. If you are new to my classroom, please see the "New Students" tab.

One of the best ways to learn French outside of class is to listen to these stories:

Great Youtube channel with lots of easy French stories. Try to follow along with the story. Start with "Niveau 1" and then watch "Niveau 2". The best way to learn is to only listen to the French audio with French subtitles, (no English). You'll learn French without even realizing it!

Excellent Youtube channel from a French woman who tells easy stories to you. Again, you can learn a LOT of French just by listening to it!

Simple stories that you can read along with. If you don't understand, there is a translate button too.


-Mr. Hedlin