Louis La Grenouille

Louis la grenouille is the first unit of the Histoires en action! II program. The story is about a lonely frog who is looking for a friend who will share some of his interests. Your child will continue to increase his/her vocabulary in French by using the Gesture Approach and will also review previously learned words with the associated gestures. Please encourage your child to continue to share with you what s/he is learning in French class. A few minutes spent sharing several times a week is very beneficial to developing your child's confidence and progress in French. 

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

The song
Louis la grenouille: Song
Louis la grenouille: Song Lyrics
Le boogie des grenouilles: Song
Mme Smith's You Tube channel
Louis la grenouille: Playlist
Vocabulary review
Vocabulary review: Interactive flashcards
Rags to Riches
Cahier activities
Les questions partielles
Les Phrases Coupées
Story extensions
What happens to Louis and the fille grenouille
after they go back to the pond? Read these
stories from  students from a different school to find out.
La même histoire différente
Mathilde la sorcière
Le génie (Louis la grenouille written from the perspective of the genie)