New Students

Welcome to French class! I hope that you have a great year. 

A few things to remember for new students who don't know much French (beginner level):

1. It's totally normal if you don't understand Mr. Hedlin for the first couple of weeks or months. Simply try your best to listen, and I guarantee that you will start to understand soon!
2. I sometimes will give a special video assignment to new students if they don't have much French experience. Email me if you would like that assignment:
3. Please speak only in French when you are in my class. I know that this is very hard, but it helps everyone learn by creating a "French only" zone.

If you're completely new to French and have never heard it before, click here for a few basic videos.

If you have a little bit of French, try the following websites:

Great Youtube channel with lots of easy French stories. Try to follow along with the story. Start with "Niveau 1" and then watch "Niveau 2". The best way to learn is to only listen to the French audio with French subtitles, (no English). Try listening to the same story a few times. You'll learn French without even realizing it!

Excellent Youtube channel from a French lady who tells easy stories to you. Again, you can learn a LOT of French just by listening to it!

Simple stories that you can read along with. If you don't understand, there is a translate button too.
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